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    (Shared on: 2016-09-22)

    GoGoGrandparent lets older adults use on demand services (like Uber) with a phone call. is seeking customer service agents to work from home who have patience to speak with the elderly who use their demand services with a phone call. Choose your own shift. Pays $11-$13 per hour.

    We're looking for millennials that know how services like Uber work and have the patience to speak with the elderly to help us out.
    The job is pretty lightweight, most of the requests are done automatically. Old people are magical, wise and deserve the best they can get, we're hoping to find folks that get that.
    To be considered, shoot us a sentence or two about someone you know that's over the age of 75.
    This position has a lot of room for growth, so we're looking for people that can commit to at least six months. Also, an added perk, the first month of the job will be work from home. Click Here

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